Late Spring

This is the traditional season of endings and new beginnings for many people.  Graduations, weddings, relocations, and job changes quickly come to mind.  These happy transitions are sometimes a little intimidating and bittersweet, too, because they often require us to leave the familiar and comfortable for a new way of being that is both full of promise and filled with uncertainty.  Some life changes subtly sneak up on us, while other changes are sudden, brought on by tragic losses of one sort or another.  These unexpected and unwanted transitions are, perhaps, the most unsettling of all.  One day our world is one way, and the next it is very different.

The writer of Ecclesiastes 3 insightlfully wrote about change and the seasons of life.  His words also reveal his deep understanding that change was written into creation from the beginning of the world.  Moreover, by design, God had placed Himself at the center of all life, as the one loving and merciful constant.  No matter our path, one carved through careful planning and strategic choices, or one seemingly thrust upon us by happenstance, God is, whether or not we are aware, our faithful companion at every twist and turn of our life's journey.   He sustains us when the going gets rough.  He picks us up when we stumble and fall.  When we get hopelessly lost, He guides us back to our life's path.  He also celebrates with us when we intentionly choose a path that leads us away from whatever self-destructive walk we might have been on, to a more life-affirming journey. 

We invite you to join us in worship and fellowship throughout this season of change.  We believe that, together, we can grow in our faith and learn to be confident in the knowledge that God unconditionally loves, and forgives, each of us, no matter our current path or where we may have traveled in the past.  Choosing to intentionally walk with God through every day of our lives, does not guarantee a life without challenge or adversity, but it does ensure that our path will ultimately lead us to experience the fullest expression of joy and life eternal.

Sunday 5.29 @ 9:30 am - Memorial Day Sunday.  We will take time during worship to remember and honor those members of our armed forces who gave their last full measure of devotion in service to our nation. 

Monday 6.13 - Friday 6.17 @ 6-8pm nightly - Vacation Bible School.  Ocean Commotion is the theme for our 2016 VBS program.  Children, Grades K-5, from throughout the Carrier Mills - Stonefort are invited to join us on an exciting journey of discovery built around the lessons Noah learned from his experiences during the Great Flood.  Utilizing a rotational learning model that includes lessons, songs, activities, snacks and a misson project, each nights theme will be reinforced in ways that connect with children in a variety of ways.  Click here for registration forms and details.

Sunday 6.19 @ 9:30 am - Father's Day.  During worship, we will recognize and honor all men who are, or have been, committed and actively involved role models engaged in the nurturing and raising of children, their own and those of others.  Through their love and sacrifice, these "dads" have worked to ensure that the children entrusted to their care become responsible, contributing and loving adults.  Fittingly, our VBS kids will play a role in the worship service. 

Sunday 6.19 @ 1-2 pm - 3rd Sunday Food Pantry Distribution.  We encourage all in our community who are struggling to put food on their tables to stop by for a bag of groceries.

Beulah Church Camps
Registration is ongoing several church camps, 
children through adults,
which will be held throughout the summer in nearby Eldorado.  
 Click here for details.

 WOW Youth Fellowship will continue to meet throughout the summer, unless otherwise noted,
Sundays @ 5-6:30pm.


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We're so glad that you found us on the web!  Whether you're seeking a church home or just vacationing in the area, the people of Carrier Mills First United Methodist Church invite YOU to be a part of our faith community. 

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Prayer is powerful, especially when a group is focused on the same prayer concern.  You can ask the congregation to pray with you by completing the Prayer Request form. Your request can be annonymous, if you'd like. 

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We're a very active and engaged, multi-generational faith community. Our calendar is filled with spiritual growth activities, opportunities to live our faith through service to others and great social events. 

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