Trudy Jensik
I'm pleased to be the Church Secretary at Carrier Mills First United Methodist Church.  It's a position I've held since 2007  when  I moved with my husband, Bill Jensik, back to his home town of Carrier Mills.  Living here in southern Illinois and being a member of this church is a true joy.

Prior to our move here, Bill and I attended a large United Methodist church with over 3,000 members in Orlando, Florida.  Because of its size, the church had countless ministries and service opportunities.  What has surprised me the most about our church here in "the Mills", despite being much smaller in overall size, is that it is similarly active and and strives to serve so many within our community and beyond, whether it be from our church’s Food Pantry or our many other service projects.

One of the ministries which I personally enjoy is reaching out to God’s youngest, the children, and helping them to enter into God’s kingdom.  I do this through a Christian clown ministry.  Both my husband Bill and I, along with other family members, have been trained as clowns.  We find our clown ministry opens little eyes and curious young ears to the loving gospel of Jesus Christ.

Beyond children, I also have a passion for nurturing plants and animals … especially miniature livestock, which I own and tend at a local farm.  I enjoy the outdoors, and have found the outdoors here in southern Illinois to be especially beautiful. 

I love singing and am pleased to be a member of the church choir, which my husband Bill, a former member of gospel quartets, directs.  Both us take pleasure in worshipping God with the vocal talents He's given us, and participating in our church's vibrant Sunday morning services.  

Bill is a veteran, a former member of the United States Marine Corps.  He regularly participates in our community’s Veterans’ Program, as well as serving in Military Color Honor Guards at the memorial services of veterans whom have passed away.  The two of us remain busy giving recognition to, and honoring, the outstanding men and women who have served our country, particularly those who entered harms way and gave the ultimate sacrifice.  

God has blessed Bill and me with a combined total of seven children and ten grandchildren.  We love our family, we love our community, we love our country, and most importantly, we love and seek to serve our Creator.