Adult Ministries Volunteer Form

Faith without works is dead.
— James 2:14

A living fath is what Christ asks of each of us.  In other words, Christians are to do more than study and believe, they are also expected to live and act from their beliefs.

There are many ways to honor God through service to others.  Actively volunteering in one or more of CMFUMC's many ministries is one way, Adult volunteers are often described as the backbone of the church because they help the church to meet both its operational needs and mission/outreach goals.  

If you have time and talent to share, we're sure to have a place where the light of your faith can shine and make a difference.  Most of our volunteer opportunities require very limited time commitments, but they offer huge personal and spiritual rewards.

Thank you for wanting to share your best with God, the congregation, the community, and the world.  We look forward to serving alongside you.

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We welcome your interest in being an Adult Ministries volunteer. Please tell us why you're interested in this ministry area. Be sure to include any prior, relevant experience facilitating classes, organizing events, etc. Also note any related talents or skills.
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