Beulah Camp

Beulah Youth Institute for Grades 8 – 13 - June 19 - 25

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Beulah Youth Institute is a unique summer camp in many ways.  It is not the amenities that draw people to the camp ground at Eldorado each summer. You won’t find a lake, scenic views, or a beach.  But for one week Beulah Youth Institute totally immerses young people in the power of the Gospel through worship, Bible study, music, recreation, small groups, and various other activities.  We’ll have fun at camp.  We’ll have a lot of fun at camp.  But it’s all prayerfully planned to provide students an opportunity to experience God and to deepen their relationship with Him. 

Event ID:  BC233    Cost:  $225  (Packing List)

Beulah: The Beginning for Grades 2 - 4 - July 1 - 2

Let your kids step out of their busy, schedule-packed lives into a world where Jesus comes first and is King of their hearts! Grab your Bible and head to Beulah the Beginning Camp this year as we explore what God has to teach us through His Word. Through eight awesome stories, our kids will build an understanding of the big picture of knowing, loving, trusting, serving, and sharing Jesus. This 27 hour camp will captivate your child through hands-on Bible stories, energetic games, crazy crafts, movie night in the Tabernacle, wild & wacky water games, and meaningful worship.  These are the years that our children are most impressionable, so let’s start them on the right path in their faith.  Join us this year at Beulah Camp as we engage our kids in the Christian foundation they need as they learn how to walk, talk, and live like Jesus!

Event ID: BC213    Cost: $100.00  (Packing List)



Beulah Camp
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Beulah Bible Camp for Grades 5 - 7 - June 27 - 30

Beulah Bible Camp is a four day and three night camp designed especially for children who will be entering 5th, 6th, and 7th grades.  We have an exciting camp planned with worship, Bible studies, games, crafts, and high-energy fun outdoor recreation. We will also have special evening activities and devotions each night of camp.  We will be “Goin’ Against the Flow,” as we learn through the Parables how Jesus expects us to live our lives today.  Come prepared to make new friends and renew old friendships from previous camps.  Join us for the most exciting week of your summer!

Event ID: BC223    Cost: $180.00  (Packing List)

Beulah Junior High Alive for Grades 6 - 8 - July 12 - 16 

Everyone has a relationship with the Lord, but is it one that is on a good path? Do we put 100% of our trust in the Lord all the time? Everyone is different and we all have different paths we walk with the Lord - what is your path? Our theme for this year is “What’s your path?,” based on Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight.”   We will be helping the campers understand what path they are on and how they can put their trust in the Lord. All of us have a path and it is never the same. That’s what makes our relationship with God a special and unique one. At Camp the kids will participate in crafts, games, seminars, music, fun, and worship. We are blessed to have Josh Mandrell as our evening speaker and hope to see everyone there.

Event ID: BC243     Cost: $180.00  (Packing List)

Beulah Holiness Camp and Mission Blitz - Intergenerational - July 29 - August 5

Beulah Holiness Camp begins with the evening service at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, July 29, and ends with the final service on Friday, August 5.  No meals will be served on Friday the 29th.

This historic and inter-generational camp offers a diversity of programs for people of all ages with an emphasis on the proclamation of scriptural holiness. Holiness Camp lends a spiritual retreat setting and has done so since 1903.  It also provides a contemporary Gospel message in an historic setting.  Age-specific programs are available for children, youth, college and career young adults, and older adults.

Mission Blitz 2015 is designed as a work mission opportunity geared toward youth and young adults but opened to all campers. Beginning Monday, July 27 and ending Friday, July 31, a team of workers and sponsors will spend each day working on community mission projects.  The Mission Blitz group will visit one of the beautiful Southern Illinois sites for off-site activities and some rest.

Event ID: BC255