Teen Ministries Volunteer Form

The volunteers in our Teen Ministries have the privilege of helping to mentor and nurture our young people at a critical juncture in their lives; a time of self-exploration, a growing drive for independence, heightened social challenges, and lots of critical life choices.

Giving teens in the Carrier Mills - Stonefort area a safe place to have fun, to ask and explore the tough questions about life, faith, and their role in world is what the WOW Youth Fellowship program is all about.  Our WOW volunteers work closely with our teens to plan and coordinate activities, studies, special events, and fundraisers.  They take a special pleasure in watching our teens grow and mature on their walk with Christ.  

Our Christian Education classes are focused on spiritually equipping and strengthening our teens so that they are better able to make good choices, even in the face of staggering peer pressures and other challenges.  The volunteers who facilitate the Junior and Senior High classes are comfortable with creating an open and accepting environment where all viewpoints and thoughts can be respectfully shared and discussed.

We look forward to the difference you will make in the lives of our teens.

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We welcome your interest in being a Teen Ministries volunteer. Please tell us why you're interested in this ministry area. Be sure to include any prior experience working with and / or teaching teens.
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