Carrier Mills First United Methodist Church Statement of Beliefs

The Bible - We believe the scriptures of both the Old (Hebrew) and New Testaments are the inspired word of God.  (2nd Timothy 3: 16 - 17)  We believe the Holy spirit guided and directed human authors to create God's written means of communication with us, which reveals God's love and plan to be in relationship with all of humanity.  The Bible is God's blueprint for living the Christian life and is our source for faith and practice.   We believe that the Bible is a living document that actively provides Holy guidance for our lives.

God -  We believe in one God, who exists in three distinct entities ... God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.  Each entity of this "Trinity" is equally separate but equally one in being, essence, character, power, and eternal qualities.

Jesus -  We believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Savior who came to earth in the flesh to reveal God to humans and to restore all of fallen humanity to a personal relationship with God. We believe that Jesus is "God incarnate" ... God in the human flesh of Jesus.  We believe Jesus was conceived of the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary; he is both fully human and fully God. Jesus lived a perfect, sinless life and embodies the truth about God and the Truth of God. Jesus willingly died on the cross to demonstrate God’s love for sinful humans and to provide salvation for all humanity. His sacrifice in our place provides all humans the means to be reconnected with their loving Creator. We believe in the actual physical resurrection of Jesus from the dead.  After His resurrection Jesus was viewed by, spoke with, ate with, and further instructed His disciples.  Jesus ascended into heaven, where he rules as our Lord (absolute authority) and advocate. Jesus will return to earth in the future to establish God’s perfect peace and justice for all time.

The Holy Spirit -  We believe in the divine entity of the Holy Spirit as an equal part of the Trinity. The Holy Spirit is God present, actually iving within each follower to empower a life that reflects the lifestyle, values and character of Jesus. The Holy Spirit is the change agent in the lives of Jesus’ followers, illuminating God’s word for understanding and application in the life of each. The Spirit is involved in progressively transforming each follower into the image of Christ, and is actively working within the Christian community and world at large to bring about God’s plan of redemption for all people and all creation.

Salvation -  We believe that if we believe in Him and confess our sins, that Jesus Christ is faithful to forgive our sins.  We believe that God so loved our world that He sent His only Son, and that Jesus came not to condemn the world, but to save the world, as stated in the Gospel of John 3: 16 - 17.

The Church -  We believe the Church (also known as the Body or Bride of Christ in scripture) is a spiritual organism made up of all those in a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ, who are called to live in fellowship and worship together. We believe in the priesthood of all believers: everyone in relationship with Christ is gifted, empowered and called to serve within God’s mission to reach the world. The Church is God’s vehicle on earth to bring about God’s justice and mercy for all people.  We believe that God calls us out of the walls of our church buildings, and into mission and service throughout His world for all of His creation.

Baptism -  We believe that just as Jesus was baptized by His cousin John, in the Gospel of Mark 1: 4 - 11, that we too should be baptized as a channel of God's grace and as a sacrament in the church.  We practice baptism of infants, in the centuries old Christian tradition, with the child's parents promising to raise the child in the Christian faith and with the child as a teen proclaiming their own declaration of faith; or, through immersion.  

Communion -  We believe that communion is a channel of God's grace instituted by Jesus Christ and celebrated as a sacrament in the church as stated in the Book of Acts 2:42 and the Gospel of Saint Matthew 26: 26 - 29.  All are welcome at our communion table, no matter their denomination, to receive Christ's communion meal. 

Church Universal -  We celebrate the Christian church universal and recognize God’s presence in a variety of expressions and communities of Christians.   We seek to be in fellowship with all Christian communities, and we seek to be in peace with one another.