Worship Services


All ages attend our traditional worship service.*  Held in the sanctuary, following a timeless, formal order of worship, the traditional worship service connects past to present.  The service mixes the rich sounds of choral anthems, gospel songs and treasured hymns with organ and piano music. Messages drawing upon the deep truths revealed in biblical scripture help us to open our hearts and minds to hear and experience the word and will of God.  Members of the congregation leave worship to live and share their faith in their daily lives. 

*Little ones are always welcome in worship.  Should you feel the need to briefly remove your child from the worship service, we invite you to use our “Joy Room” located next to the Washington Street entrance.  It has a window through which you can continue to watch and worship. 


Casual, open and welcoming to all ages, The Rising is an intentionally seeker friendly worship service that also meets the spiritual needs of long term believers who are looking to consciously live their faith.  Like similar worship gatherings in major metro areas across the country, The Rising weaves the beauty of a formal sanctuary with the latest in contemporary Christian music and worship practices.  Sharing fresh, inspiring messages that speak to the realities and challenges in our daily lives, our ministers remind us of God's unconditional love and grace.  The Rising focuses attention on opportunities to connect as a community and to respond to Jesus' passionate call to mission ... taking the church into the world.